Starting a Chapter

Thanks for your interest in starting a Chapter at your CCRC. The State Bylaws say that 20 members are needed to form a chapter. Contact the State President for assistance. The President can suggest a way to gather a group to share information about MaCCRA and why it is important to have a local chapter.

Here is a list of items that will be helpful in forming a MaCCRA Chapter. Most of the files are viewable. Those that are Word files may be downloaded. 


Chapter Forms

Colored Logo and Black and White Logo

Stationery Letterhead (downloadable Word document)

Dues Transmittal Form (downloadable Word document)

Census Form send in January and June (downloadable Word document)

MaCCRA Treasurer Expense Form

Membership Card Template (try Avery business card template 8871)

Word document – customize for CCRC by typing in year and chapter name (downloadable Word document).

PDF document – write in name, year, and chapter.

Sample Renewal Forms (downloadable Word documents)

Ingleside at King Farm



Host a State Meeting

MaCCRA holds two statewide meetings a year in June and December. Chapters are requested to host the meetings for between 50 – 75 people.

Host Responsibilities

Sample Registration Form