About Us

MaCCRA History

Founded in 1993, MaCCRA has been dedicated to educating, protecting, and enhancing the rights and financial security of CCRC residents. The early years were spent developing membership and MaCCRA chapters in CCRCs.

In 1996, following the convening of the Continuing Care Advisory Council (CCAC) by the Maryland Department of Aging, the first of many beneficial changes to the Human Services Article of the Maryland Code (§10-401 thru §10-499) was enacted. For 30 years now, MaCCRA has led the fight to secure essential requirements for governance, disclosure statements, operating reserves, change of ownership, bankruptcy, transfer of assets, renovations, and expansions.

Since those formative days, MaCCRA has emerged as the leading voice for CCRC Residents. Working for CCRC residents present and future, MaCCRA continues to shape and enhance the body of law and regulation governing CCRCs. MaCCRA continues to be directly involved in or fully supportive of desirable legislative and regulatory changes.

Who are the Members of MaCCRA