Delegate Stein and Bruce Hartung, MaCCRA Pres, Dan Tracy, MaCCRA 2nd VP (leaders of the MaCCRA Legislative committee)

Senator Clarence

Senator Clarence Lam

Delegate Dana Stein and Senator Clarence Lam

MaCCRA’s first post COVID Annapolis Day was well attended.  
We had around 130 MaCCRA members attend from 13 chapters including Vantage Point, Collington, Miller’s Grant, Fairhaven, Mercy Ridge, Asbury Methodist, Carroll Lutheran, Charlestown, Ingleside–King Farm, North Oaks, Oak Crest and Buckingham’s Choice.  This is the highest number to attend in the memory of our legislative liaisons and you can see the large crowd in the room.  We also were excited to have 14 legislators stop by.  Some were even able to visit with their CCRC MaCCRA members.

The following is the list of Delegates, Senators, and others who attended:
1. Delegate Jessica Feldmark (D) – District 12A – Howard County      (Vantage Point)
2. Delegate Cathi Forbes (D) – District 43B – Baltimore County        (Edenwald)
3. Delegate Susan McComas (R) – District 34B – Harford County
4. Delegate Regina Boyce (D) – District 43A – Baltimore City
5. Delegate Terri Hill (D) – District 13 – Howard County               (Vantage Point) – House Bill Cosponsor
6. Delegate Dana Stein (D) – District 11B – Baltimore County           (North Oaks) – House Bill Sponsor
7. Delegate Michele Guyton (D) – District 42B – Baltimore County
8. Delegate Ric Metzgar (R) – District 6 – Baltimore County
9. Delegate Harry Bhandari (D) – District 8 – Baltimore County
10. Martha Nathanson – Chief of Staff Delegate Rosenberg (D-41)
11. Senator Clarence Lam (D) – District 12 – Howard County             (Vantage Point) – Senate Bill Sponsor
12. Senator Shelly Hettleman (D) – District 11 – Baltimore County          (North Oaks) – Senate Bill Cosponsor
13. Senator JB Jennings (R) – District 7 – Baltimore and Harford Co.      (Oakcrest)
14. Representative from Comptroller Brooke Lierman’s (D) office – Statewide

Senator Lam and Delegate Stein both spoke about the MaCCRA bill they are co-sponsoring and its journey to date.  The bill met strong headwinds from the CCRC owner/operators and their trade associations, Leading Age and Life Span.  To encourage forward progress, some changes and accommodations requested by the MD CCRC industry were incorporated.  The bill did cross chambers and is on its way to final passage.  As the 2024 legislative session winds to a close, we thank everyone who supported this important work.