Broadmead Candidate Forum Set

The 22 candidates who registered for State Senate District 42, Delegates in District 42B and for Baltimore County Executive have been invited to Candidates Night Forum on May 31st to inform residents at Broadmead and the surrounding communities of their points of interest and intent for the office in which they filed.  Broadmead is one of the polling centers for residents in this area.  Please see the section “Advocacy” for establishing a Candidates Forum at your CCRC.

Broadmead News

Alma Smith from Broadmead shares the MaCCRA recruitment flyer that goes in all the cubbies during renewal time. She writes, “The following is a sample notice of how Broadmead MaCCRA informs its members of renewal time and requested non-members to join at this time.  These notices were placed in all message boxes/cubbies about July 1 every year when renewal of dues begins.  Use your discretion in using this notice for your particular community.”

Membership Renewal Form

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