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MaCCRA Day in Annapolis Success

Over sixty-six residents from eleven MaCCRA Chapters attended the annual MaCCRA day in Annapolis. Residents from Broadmead, Charlestown, Collington, Edenwald, Glen Meadows, Heron Point, Mercy Ridge, Miller’s Grant, North Oaks, Oak Crest, and Vantage House visited their legislators’ offices and heard updates from Barbara Brocato, MaCCRA’s legislative liaison. A one-page sheet was prepared for legislators and is available here.


The Maryland General Assembly is Maryland’s legislative body and directly represents the electorate. The state has 47 districts represented by 47 Senators and 141 Delegates. It meets for 90 days every year starting in January.

Barbara Brocato has served as the MaCCRA Legislative Liasion since 1994. She monitors legislation and regulation which affects CCRCs, she advocates on our behalf and identifies, and coordinates with other groups that will assist in effective advocacy.

Barbara Marx Brocato & Associates,18 Pinkney Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, Telephone: 410-269-1503

Check the MaCCRA Legislative Portal for the status of legislation impacting older residents and CCRC residents for the session ending 2017.


Maryland CCRCs laws are found in the Human Services Article §10-401 through §10-499. The Table of Contents is found on the left of the page. The actual text is on the right.


Maryland Statute – Human Services Article
Continuing Care Law – Table of Contents




Human Services Artice §10-401
Text of the Statute

Human Services Article - Statute Text - Section 10-401 thru 10-499