Candidate Forums

As you know, MaCCRA is a legislative and educational organization for the residents of your Continuing Care Residents Community (CCRC).  As MaCCRA chapters we need to keep our community residents informed of the persons filing for the various offices within our county, district, and state.   Now is the time to plan a “Candidates Night” at your facility prior to the early Primary Election days.  The offices involved in the 2018 Primary Election are in districts and counties such as your County Executive, the County Councilperson in your particular area, and State legislators such as your State Senator and Delegate(s) for your district.  Also, your Congress person and Senator along with the Governor are involved in the election process who you may or may not wish to include.

You may plan this night as a MaCCRA chapter event and/or in conjunction with your Residents Association.  Following are the dates to be aware of:


February 27             Last date for candidates to file for the primary election
June 14-21               Early primary voting
June 26                     Primary Election

If your community has not held a Candidates Night, I have included helpful information in organizing such an event.  If you invite any of your State legislators to address your MaCCRA chapter during the time prior to the elections, it must be with the understanding that his/her presentations cannot include campaign information and/or materials for distribution.  We are to maintain a nonpartisan atmosphere during the election year.  In your advertising of such a MaCCRA chapter meeting with legislators, you must emphasize the fact that this is a nonpartisan meeting.

Here are samples of letters we have used for Candidate events.

  1. Letter to Candidates  
  2. MaCCRA Letterhead
  3. Candidate Night Worksheet  
  4. Candidate Escort Assignments  
  5. Escort Instructions

Alma Smith, MaCCRA President
August 2017