Collington Hosts Legislators

Lorrie Rogers, Collingon shares their report on their member meeting held December 10, 2018.

Three cheers for MaCCRA. We did it again, another successful, interesting meeting, this one featuring our District 24 senator and delegates.I think that many people would agree that we have a really good state delegation (Sen. Benson and Dels. Barron, Lewis, and Harrison). Each one brings a particular personal focus and set of interests and expertise, and they appear to be all working together as a team for us, Prince George’s County, and Maryland.  We appreciate that they came both to inform us and to listen to us.

The meeting only happened with the efforts of many, and particular thanks go to Charlotte Melichar, Marty Laties, Mary Godfrey, Rita Gardiner, Ro-Anne Dahlen-Hartfield, and Karl Edler.  And thanks to those who came to the auditorium to demonstrate to the politicians that we at Collington care and that we have our eyes on them.  Special thanks to those who asked questions, letting them know the issues that we have an interest in and are looking for action on from them.

The message we got loud and clear was that they are hungry for us to reach out to them with our ideas, interests, questions, and concerns.  So don’t be shy.

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