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As Chairman of the Heron Point Master Plan Committee, I am proud to announce that we have put before Mangement and the Resident Council a plan to revive the walk that used to circumnavigate our campus. Under the leadership of Ken Cowley, and with key inputs from Erney Maher and Walt Carell, we have put forward a practical and economical plan that would accomplish this in two or three stages.  The first stage would spruce up the walks that still exist on the west and east sides of the River House and extend them on both sides.  Most of the work can be done with soil, wood chips, and rocks that we already have, or which can be supplemented at minimal cost, plus some manual work by employees, volunteers, or outside helpers. One section would require routing the path across a roadway, with a couple of curb cuts, but the overall result would be a safer path for the many people who currently park on Sassafras Drive and provide residents with a footpath that would give them a pleasant walk around the River House and along the river with their dogs or just other friends.  We are awaiting the final green light from administration but are hopeful that this can go forward this Fall and be completed before year’s end.  After that, we will move on to other stages, which will be a bit more challenging. — Lee Irish

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